Special Moments

Tuesday, July 18

  • Anniversary

“You’re not worried at all?”

“Well yeah, of course I am.”

“What?! You are?”

I laughed, “I mean, I’m not unhappy or freaking out, but yeah, I’m terrified.”

We were strung up in the harness together, completely vulnerable, unable to move, and in the process of being drawn back to the release point. Up until that point I had hid my usual feelings of fear, putting on an air of relaxed excitement. I was definitely excited and wanted to feel that rush, but I am still terrified by heights. I was surprised, but so happy, when they had decided to do this with me.

Just before the drop point, I twisted my head and said, “Happy Anniversary Babe.”

  • Anniversary 2

We climbed into the giant inner tube taking spots next to each other. “I need three more people!” Shouted the attendant toward the line. After a few moments a party of three appeared. Behind the sunglasses you could see the attendant complete a rehearsed frown, “Those are jean shorts, right?”

A pause, then, “Yeah, these are jeans.”

“Can’t wear jeans on the ride. You’ll have to go back down.”

After a couple more back and forths, the three left, and I asked, “Can it just be the two of us?”

He shrugged. “Yeah why not! Park closes in 15 minutes, so I don’t really care at this point. So, have fun!”

I climbed opposite my partner and we were shoved off, down the tube pushed along by rushing water.

I wish I could play that moment, that day over and over again.

  • Summer

    I left out the back door to my apartment, and immediately felt the intense humidity and drip-drip of a recent down-pour. Within the 10-20 steps to my car, I paused, standing in the half-enclosed alley yard, drawn to gaze at the partially tree-and-building-obscured sky. In that small window, I saw the clouds were moving fast against a near night background. In the 30 seconds I paused, the clouds lit up 10-15 times, peppered flashes of heat lightning. I wanted to pause this moment indefinitely. The beauty of the wind, the evening, the light, the water. It all mixed together perfectly – the essence of a summer evening.